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Statement of Youth, Local Farmers, and Residents of Tangyan Township on Conscription Law

Statement of Youth, Local Farmers, and Residents of Tangyan Township on Conscription Law

April 1, 2024

1. On February 10, 2024, Notification No. 27/2024 announced the enforcement of the conscription law by the State Administration Council. To carry out this law, the National Military Recruitment Central Committee was established on February 14, 2024.

2. On March 14, 2024, the Tangyan Township Conscription Summons Team convened village group administrators who had been directed to join the National Military Recruitment Central Committee at the township hall. During this meeting, they instructed them to compile and submit a list of individuals of military age residing in their villages to the conscription team by March 18, 2024.

3. Furthermore, the Township Conscription Summons Team mandated village group administrators to sign a list (Form 1) of individuals obligated for military service and return it to the Conscription Summons group. On March 21, 2024, pursuant to Form 1, Form 2 summoning orders referencing the list were disseminated to village and village tract administrators.

4. Tangyan Township, situated in northeastern Myanmar within northern Shan State, has been significantly affected by the ongoing conflict, particularly “Operation 1027” commencing in October 2023. This turmoil has led to transportation disruption, soaring prices, unemployment, compromised healthcare, and diminished educational opportunities, prompting many youths to seek refuge in border areas and neighboring countries.

5. The timing of conscription exacerbates existing hardships, risking further displacement of young people and exacerbating community tensions. The issuance of military conscription lists by township authorities without transparent, fair, and accurate procedures may incite discord among locals and raises concerns about potential corruption.

6. Consequently, we consider that this is not the right time to implement the Public Conscription Law, as it is causing fear and panic among the public. This statement calls for a review of conscription implementation and advocates for its immediate cessation or suspension to prevent further division among diverse ethnic communities coexisting in the region.

Tangyan Township 
Farmers Network
Local youth and populace
Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

ၵေႃႁူမ်ႈသၢင်ႈ ၸဝ်ႈႁႆႈၸဝ်ႈၼႃးၸိုင်ႈတႆး Tang Yan Statement 1 April 2024 2

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